Creators of Modern Smart Home Solutions

We Love Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina isn’t where any of our staff members were born – they are all transplants – but that makes Charlotte the city we chose. We all fell in love with this city and have loved growing along with it. 

We know this city, we love this city.






Our smart home team has the experience that matters to our clients.

Before our team began installing smart home devices, we connected some of the world’s largest companies to the technology platforms that saved their companies money, time, and made it easier to grow.

That complex level of automation perfectly translates to smart home services because building a smart house is less about smart devices than it is about how those devices interact. 

Home automation software combined with expert installation services creates a smart home product second to none.

Experience Matters

Our background with software integrations gave us the know-how and ability to make home installations of your devices a dream.

Whether it’s an adjustment to your WiFi network, installation of custom door locks, or setting the perfect scene, our staff are experts in this field and allow our clients to avoid the need for tech support.

InterOperate Smart Home helps its customers choose the right system for their needs. From optimizing their home wireless network, to pairing the perfect security camera. We work with all systems and platforms so that you don’t have to choose between our expert installations and which systems we prefer even if they don’t work with your life.

Some competitors won’t perform a smart home installation if it’s not utilizing their preferred system. But Amazon’s ring doorbell, may not work with your Nest thermostat. If our client uses Google Assistant for everything else in their lives, we want to keep their system as comfortable and natural as possible. 

We help our clients choose the right smart home device and ecosystem for their needs. InterOperate Smart Home is brand and system agnostic, that is to say, we work with all systems and only care about which ecosystem works best for our clients.

Device and System Agnostic

Founder, Michael Blakely

Our founder is an accomplished entrepreneur that cut his teeth in Silicon Valley. Following study abroad programs in Italy and China, the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO) graduate set his sights on San Francisco where he worked in the technology sector. 

He brought that experience to Charlotte, North Carolina, and founded InterOperate to help customers connect their software systems to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Some of the largest names in technology trust InterOperate

In 2021, Blakely added InterOperate Smart Home to serve clients that, like him, wanted more from their technology to make their lives easier. He found that like other areas of technology, it wasn’t the capability of the device that caused a poor user experience, it was the lack of software integration and automation. He was left with no choice, he had to offer this service to others and thus, InterOperate Smart Home was born.